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Last night was really good
Last night I had dinner with an Dave Wolveton, old friend I have not seen in person in ages. I met Dave back in the mid 90s at Aggiecon and served as his guest host back when his career was just getting into stride. Over the next few years we hung out a few times at L Ron Hubbard "Writers of the Future" events and I always enjoyed his company. I got out of touch with him in the late 90s due to just not being as active in the writing community and not keeping up with what was going on. Over the years I would occasionally wonder how he was doing. So come forward to the future with me, about two years back I picked up a fantasy series called The Runelords by a writer named David Farland. I enjoyed it tremendously as its well written and has some very novel concepts in it that intrigued me. After a few of the novels I googled the book and lo and behold if David Farland is just a pseudonym of Dave Wolverton's. I was thrilled to see Dave doing so well and hunted down his email address to catch up. He was in town this week so we had a chance to catch up over a very late promised BBQ dinner at my house. It was just a really nice chance to catch up with someone whose company I enjoy.

A while back I joined his writing email list "Daily kick in the pants!" should have a link to it on the page.

I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in the profession of writing as a career or the art of writing a novel.

It has certainly encouraged me to think about my writing and getting it more in the fore front of my life.


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Bane! That is an awesome story! My brother went to that AggieCon and had our copy of "The Courtship of Pricess Leia" autographed.

I might have to get a look at that website and mailing list - I've been trying to get a few books off the ground for some time.

Thanks for sounding off.

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